Frequently Asked Questions about Garden Topsoil


  • What is Topsoil?

Topsoil is the uppermost portion of earth where it is loaded with nutrients and microorganisms. It can be a few inches up to about 8 inches in depth. Also included are minerals, air pockets and of course water.

  • How to buy Topsoil?

Call Dean on 0115 824 1899 give him the area or rough size of your garden or plot and he will work out how much top soil you need. Or if you know how much you need just ask for a no obligation quote. Topsoil next day delivery is included in the price.

  • How is Topsoil made?

Topsoil is formed by erosion or weathering of rocks over many years and its constituents vary depending on the area it was formed. It ranges from clay, loam, silt and sandy based with different proportions or earth and organic material.

  • Why is Topsoil fertile?

Topsoil contains a lot of organic matter that has decayed over time and has useful minerals like potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen. Also has lots of good micro organisms which keep working breaking the the natural matter further, which allows new growth like flower or grass roots a healthy supply of nutrients.

  • Is Topsoil good for grass?

Our topsoil is screened so there are no rocks, building material or old roots to contend with. The regular mix is great for improved drainage and drought resistance. It’ll keep a healthy nutrient reservoir to feed the grass roots.

  • How to calculate Topsoil Volume?

We sell our top soil in One Metric Tonne bulk bags, or bigger loads as a bulk weight drop. Simply measure the length, width & depth in meters and multiply all three to get your cubic meter volume. I’d suggest for lawns to have a minimum depth of 15cm (0.15m) eg 10m long by 5m wide and 0.15m deep = 7.5 cubic meters. Our soil weighs about 1.5 Tonne per cubic meter. So multiply your volume by 1.5 to get the tonnage.

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