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Premier Topsoil for Landscaping, Turfing, Planting and Borders

Topsoil Nottingham provides it's premier screened soil which is recommended for many uses such as in landscaping design including lawns and preparing for turfing for household gardens or for planting and borders.
Our quality topsoil is obtained from local agricultural areas and then screened for particle size, it is rich dark and loamy and does not contain any old building material or lumpy stone is present, so is ideal for a multitude of uses in the residential environment.

The topsoil is prepared for my collection in advance so is dry and ready for the garden designer or home owner renovating the outside of the property and is in excellent condition and ready to use when it reaches you. I deliver the soil with my own Grab lorry in one tonne bags of soil which can be supplied to awkward and hard to reach places on any site including over fences, narrow alleys and hedges if needed. I also provide a manual delivery the the area is extremely difficult to get to where no mechanical devices can be used. I operate from a central Nottingham location, but have my soil weighed and bagged ready to go from a local environmentally managed site. After you place your order it can usually be delivered free by the next day. I supply to Nottingham and also county wide delivery for your convenience.

Standard Topsoil Supply

While Nottingham topsoil suppliers are plenty, here at my company Topsoil Nottingham I pride myself on providing the best possible product within my business and hope to fulfill your order on time and with minimum fuss. There are two grades of soil we offer our customers the premier as mentioned above, suitable for virtually any job. and our standard mix topsoil. The standard or general mixed topsoil is great for preparing an area for laying lawn turf, fixing uneven or bare patches of lawn. If you're doing a landscaping job and need to prepare by filling in or leveling off parts of the garden then this is ideal. Some builders call this subsoil. If you require the more acidic topsoil for plants like: Rhododendron Camellia Azalea Gardenia Pieris Hydrangea Viburnum Magnolia Bleeding heart Holly Lupine Juniper Fern Japanese maple Please call for more information as we may have to order this type in.

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