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Customer service is our greatest priority along with the best possible topsoil, mulch, bark and turf in the Nott’s county.

We love to hear your great reviews and as part of our overall marketing and customer service, we offer little pieces of informational content like posts where we give you some advice or help answer any questions you may have. General gardening to lawn care can be confusing sometimes and with a helpful post about things like topsoil content and uses may be beneficial.


Here is a really good post about buying topsoil from the RHS.

You can read the full article here at their website 

Also, find great content by searching through The Royal Horticultural Society’s website at


Topsoil: buying

Topsoil is the uppermost layer of soil, which is high in nutrients and organic matter. It is widely available to buy in bags or in bulk from specialist suppliers, garden centers, and DIY superstores. It can be used for making new beds, borders, raised beds or as a base for lawns, where the natural soil is poor or non-existent.

If your topsoil is poor, you may need to buy more in. Image: Tim Sandall/RHS

Quick facts

  • For laying lawns you will need at least 10cm (4in) layer of top soil
  • New beds will need about 20cm (8in) or more
  • Topsoil is available in three grades: premium, general-purpose and economy
  • Good quality top soil should meet British Standards 3882:2007

Premium grade

  • pH = 5.5-7.8
  • Phosphorus (P) Index min = 2
  • Potassium (K) Index min = 2
  • Magnesium (Mg) Index min = 1

General purpose grade

  • pH = 5.0-8.2
  • Phosphorus (P) Index min = 2
  • Potassium (K) Index min = 2
  • Magnesium (Mg) Index min = 1

Economy grade

  • pH = 5.0-8.2
  • Phosphorus (P) Index min = N/A
  • Potassium (K) Index min = N/A
  • Magnesium (Mg) Index min = N/A

Note that imported topsoil can sometimes introduce invasive plants, such as Japanese knotweed and couch grass to the garden. Inspect the soil for signs of weed roots or shoots. Weed roots are often white and fleshy, sometimes with a brown covering, unlike the brown, dry, fibrous roots of trees and shrubs.

That was a very helpful article from the Royal Horticultural Society. See the above link to go to that page and read the article in full.


At Topsoil Nottingham we provide our general or standard mix soil and our highly acclaimed premier topsoil. Both are screened so no surprises. The general is ideal for top dressing and all lawn care as well as filling and general garden landscaping. The premier is ideal for raised beds, vegetable planting, and borders.

Call Dean early on in the day to get next day topsoil delivery in the Nottingham county or if urgent he may be able to deliver same day in certain circumstances.

If you’ve been a customer of ours before please go to our topsoil reviews page and let us know how we’re doing.


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