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Topsoil and Compost Difference


Are you interested in growing plants in your own garden and tending to the outdoor space? Do you need to understand the terminology, topsoil and compost difference, that’s involved, in distinguishing the benefits of using either? If so, this post should help to clear things up for you. Not only will you understand the differences between these two common gardening products, you will know how to use and source reliable ones.


Natural SoilTopsoil is the earth or Humus that is generally found on the surface of your garden. It includes a variety of ingredients, including partially decomposed organic matter and tiny rock particles. Microbes, water and air are also found in healthy topsoil. In some places, the soil quality may be low, which means you will not be able to grow much in it as it’s getting dusty and thin. For instance, if the previous property owner landscaped with sub standard artificial topsoil and never added supplements like rotted horse manure.

When you are purchasing topsoil, it is important that you read the package to find out what is in it. Any wood or other organic matter should be sufficiently decomposed that it will release beneficial nitrogen in the soil, preferably screened to optimise particle size to sustain good drainage. Well mixed topsoils have more longevity and hold nutrients better and give plants or even vegetable gardens a solid root structure for good output.There are several ways that you can use topsoil to improve the appearance and functionality of your garden space.

Topsoil Uses

First of all, you can use it for the lawn itself to help fill in low spots. Called a top-dressing, you will use thin layers at a time over the space of several months in order to help fill it in. If you have not yet laid down your sod, you can use new topsoil for a smooth, even lawn that will look consistent and be easier to mow once the sod has taken root. You can also lift existing sod, fill in the hole, and replace the sod chunk.

Whether you are growing decorative gardens or functional ones, adding a high-quality topsoil will help your plants to take root and have healthy growth. You will need to incorporate it into the existing soil for best results.

When looking at the difference between topsoil & compost, it might seem like they are pretty similar because you incorporate them both into the soil you already have in most cases. However, that is where the similarities start to break down.


Compost is a soil amendment which helps to provide vital nutrients to the soil. Generally there is only about two months worth of useful nutrients

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available for plants. These come from the breakdown of organic matter and can be purchased or made at home. However, you are unlikely to have enough material for all of your home compost needs. After a few weeks it’s probably a good idea to add either a topsoil or rotted manure or both to let the plants continue to grow.

Plants such as lawn trimmings and salad scraps are mixed with newspapers, eggshells, dry leaves or similar materials and left to degrade. Adding urine to create more ammonia and other various means by which this natural processĀ  is hastened, including the use of worms to break down the matter. Professional compost production companies provide information on their websites regarding the processes involved with their products.

Compost provides rich nutrients to the soil and should be worked thoroughly into the existing soil for proper effect. The amount and depth you need will depend on multiple factors, including what you intend to plant and the quality of the existing soil. Make sure it is well aerated prior to planting.

Now that you understand the difference between topsoil & compost, you need to figure out where to purchase it. While you can shop online, that is generally not a good idea when it comes to gardening materials like topsoil and compost. it is preferable to purchase it locally, where you can speak to the company owner and receive local delivery to your yard.

Topsoil & Compost Supplier

By developing a relationship with Topsoil Nottingham or your local topsoil supplier in the Nottingham area, you will have a great resource for getting your questions answered accurately. Look for a business that has positive online reviews and has established a reputation for excellent customer service and products.

Taking care of your lawn and garden can be therapeutically relaxing while providing you with a lovely view as your efforts take shape. Knowing aboutHome composting the products you need and how to use them effectively is a great start to your gardening endeavors. Find a local supplier that you can trust and continue to expand your knowledge about caring for your plants and trees. You will appreciate the view for many years to come!

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